Morse Code – .01

Morse Code – .01

Chapter 1 – The path might be ahead.

He stood there mesmerized by the confusing beauty. Right in front had manifested out of nowhere, a vast body of water. Finally, the reasoning behind all his dilemmas, delusions, and frustrations was about to be shown to him—no more questions.

The signs were there all along that this day as incomprehensible as it seems, was to come.

He had never seen this place before, but it felt incredibly familiar. The lake (for lack of a better descriptor) was orange, a translucent light orange, lees like orange soda, and more like fresh squeezed orange juice.


It’s hard to imagine how one will react when encountering such a place, but the water was inviting. Interestingly the water had no taste and would slip right out of your hands; impossible to hold.

The whispering voices were familiar and predictable, the ones that will show up for you, those individuals that stayed for long after they’ve been gone.

There is more to do,” they said swiftly. The whispers gentle hold carried him across the lake as he told himself – “this seems less eventful than what I imagined.”


j. Garcia

Born and raised in Puerto Rico now residing between Los Angeles, Ca & San Juan P.R.

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