Human Limits : Derek Amato

“One of the most mind-bending instances of sudden genius in recent history is that of Derek Amato, who suffered a major concussion after diving into the shallow end of a pool in 2006, while trying to catch a football. A twist of fate that, at first, seemed to trigger only misfortune.”

I am very proud of this edit, telling this story in a concise and coherent manner was challenging, but thru the used of sound and the great imagery acquired I manage to create a compelling story never the less.

Client : Coors Light / Uproxx

Studio : Woven Digital

Produced by Francine Dauw

Directed by Jordan Bloch

Edited by J. García

Here are some highlights of the edit. Watch the full episode go to http://uproxx.com/life/derek-amato-musical-savant/

j. Garcia

Born and raised in Puerto Rico now residing between Los Angeles, Ca & San Juan P.R.