Ben Harper – Call It What It Is

Ben Harper recording " Call it what it is "

” There’s method to the madness ” a popular saying goes. After spending sometime around Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals I feel that for them is more fitting ” there’s madness to the method “.

Ben Harper in the studio

This documentary is a rare look to this madness or method depends on the point of view, with fly on the wall documentary filming and in depth interviews with the group we dive deep into the making of an album that in a way took 7 to 8 years in the making.

Client : Stax Records / Red Light Management / Ben Harper
Directed & Edited by J. García
Produced by Ben Harper, J. García & Christine Kane
Filmed by J. García & Gavin Conaty
Graded by DYAD

j. Garcia

Born and raised in Puerto Rico now residing between Los Angeles, Ca & San Juan P.R.